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one of many webado avatarsI've been wondering, what is the usual time span between remakes of a website?

Yes, it's time for a website make-over yet again.

Anyway, this is the latest (and really old) reincarnation of my personal web site that finally saw the light for the first time in August 2003. In May 2005 I just up and decided to redo it, and revised it again in October 2005 and again in December 2005. And then I've been chipping and tweaking it ever since. Time to redo it? Rainy day project ... Ah, the advantages of being at home on sabbatical leave from an uninspiring 9-5 job! Alas, this has ended as I've now been back at my regular job for a long time. sad smiley Maybe try it again soon?

Now the sole mission of www.webado.comwebado favicon is to give validity to what I've been doing for a while now: simple web design, for friends and family and non-profit organizations. At least it all started out as very simple pages.(See About...) Internet Explorer rendered them just fine. O, joy! So easy! I hadn't heard of Firefox or the fierce W3C at the time. I wish I'd never heard of them now either. But that's another story, one for my Blog!

I have learned a bit more about web design since that time. Hopefully a lot more than my first brave attempts. Some would even say sorry attempts. I prefer to consider them a valuable part of my development instead. All this tweaking and refining is paying off a bit in ego points if nothing else.

I have progressed, I hope, beyond those early days. I am at the point where I can worry more about content than layout. I also happen to think that content is the most important asset of a website. The rest is fluff ... useful and even necessary fluff.

webmasters as fishes interview #3 Oh, and just in case you want to know me a bit better, I was interviewed by the wonderfully creative web designer Sharron for what she refers to as a fishes interview. This button will take you to a pdf copy of the interview.


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