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The Early Days

one of many webado avatarsI suppose most people, especially webmasters, professional and amateur alike, would not be caught dead putting on display their early days efforts, all the bloopers and the faux pas of webmastering.

Well, this is where we differ I guess. I am not ashamed, amused, yes. I never cease to wonder how far I've actually come in just a couple of years, starting from scratch and being self-taught as it were.

Naturally I've had lots of great and invaluable help. If my sites no longer look like what they did in the beginning, it is all thanks to them. I guess I will dedicate a page to these wonderful people.

So, without much ado, here are the original faces of some of my sites. I will post a link to the current version and to the older version, just so you can compare, and hopefully have a good hearty laugh on me. Hey, I don't mind at all!

Today Original Comments Old site First ever effort! So hopelessly lost! Old site Lots of challenges with media files - and now Wordpress! Old site More challenges with media files now Old site He-he! I liked it .... at the time! Started learning javascript and php with this one.

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